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May 23 2018










I want a story about an Italian vampire.

No romance, no action.

Just 200 pages of “What do you mean, I can’t have garlic? Do you know where I’m from?”

TBH I think the main issue would be the mirror thing

have you ever met an Italian man

the amount of time they spend looking in the mirror jfc

#the more you think about it the more all vampire rules are just anti-italian rules#can’t go out in sunlight?? IN ITALY???#Can’t go near crucifixes? IN ITALY???

a bunch of pissed off vampires stuck in Venice because they can’t go over moving water

Not to victim blame, but you’d have to be a pretty bad Italian to even get turned into a vampire in the first place.

the only two places practically immune to vampires are texas and italy

Let me tell you of A Thing.

Lithuania has no vampires, I guarantee it.

Lithuania has one vampire, and let me tell you, she’s gonna be FURY UNLEASHED once someone gets her out of the centre of that crossterfuck of a burial point.

cackled and kicked my feet at “crossterfuck” oh my god

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crd | ig 🥔

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crd | ig 🥔


Today’s aesthetic: keeping the same tab open in your browser for three solid weeks because you’re definitely going to get around to reading and/or acting on whatever’s in it any minute now.

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when you ask yourself why you never read that fic before but then …


I want emo versions of idioms

Like, instead of ““you’re barking up the wrong tree” it’s “you’re panicking at the wrong disco”

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Violet Parr, everyone. The true hero of this movie.

I want an Incredibles 2 where Violet suddenly wakes up and realizes, ‘Why did I think wearing pink sweaters and dating some popular kid was AN IMPROVEMENT?!’ Then she goes back to being the quirky, smart girl she was at the start, only now she’s more badass than before because she realizes there was NOTHING WRONG WITH WHO SHE WAS!!!

(Seriously, am I the only one who hates how they ended her story in pt. 1?)

You SEVERELY misunderstand Violet’s entire dang story arc, and her characterization at the beginning of the film.

Like, I think you need to rewatch the film. At the beginning of the film, she was scared, self conscious, etc. Those aren’t “quirks” those were her hiding her quirks because she was afraid. 

Her story arc was about gaining confidence. The wearing of brighter colors was symbolic of that. If you look at concept art, she was meant to be huddled, scared, trying not to be seen, etc. Those dark clothes are meant to show her trying to “blend in” and be less noticed.

That’s also why in the beginning, she lets her hair fall in front of her face: She’s trying TO HIDE. Think about it, she wants to be “normal” instead of embracing her powers, she wants to fit in, etc. 

Look at her body language during this scene. Notice how she doesn’t want to talk, she mumbles, she won’t even eat. Something is bothering her, but she doesn’t want to admit it. She constantly looks sad. Heck, I’m kind of mad at Helen in this scene for not acknowledging it. Violet’s body language is FREAKING OBVIOUS, any mother should be able to spot it, and ask what the frick is wrong, but Helen’s so preoccupied with trying to be a “normal” family that she completely ignores any signs that something is wrong.

And then we get to the problem: When Violet screams about how no one in the family is “normal” 

“We ACT normal, Mom! I wanna BE normal!” and Dash even agrees, because of the pressure to act “normal” that is put on him.

She doesn’t want to “be herself” she wants to “fit in”

She has basically been told her whole life to hide who she is, hide her powers, etc to keep the family safe. She’s barely allowed to express herself, something Helen acknowledges later in the film indirectly by apologizing for putting pressure on Violet. She’s not just talking about the plane crash, she’s talking about what she’s basically done to Violet and Dash THEIR ENTIRE FREAKING LIVES. She basically did the same dang thing Elsa’s parents did in Frozen: “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show” but she never gets called out on it, because she doesn’t die before realizing her mistake and fixing it.

That’s why after the talk with her Mom, it’s SO DANG IMPORTANT that she pulls her hair back: SHE’S DONE HIDING WHO SHE IS. She’s DONE trying to pretend to be normal. She realizes she is someone incredible, and is finally willing to embrace that.

Later, when she’s wearing bright clothes, it symbolizes she’s no longer afraid of being seen. She’s willing to stand out instead of blend into the background. Seriously, this is some basic cinematography symbolism, here, it’s one of the first things you learn in a film-as-literature class. Her outfit change didn’t mark a change in

Violet doesn’t become a different person. She learns to be confident with who she is. 

She didn’t change who she was. She gained confidence. Confidence to talk to the boy without turning invisible. Confidence to ask him out. The moral of her story wasn’t “LOL those darn introverts need to be extroverts” the moral was “You can do whatever you set your mind to. If you can stop a literal supervillain, you can freaking ask the dang boy out.” 

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I don’t get presents for believing in myself tho….

Yes you do, it’s called treating yourself bitch!!!!


musicians only Dark Millenials will remember:

  • cobra starship
  • neon trees
  • metro station
  • 3OH3
  • taio cruz
  • owl city
  • far east movement
  • ne-yo
  • onerepublic
  • boys like girls

May 22 2018



it’s so frustrating when your fic ideas are bigger than your writing abilities 

even worse when your laziness is bigger than both your ideas and writing abilities


i just want to draw tiny hearts everywhere because im full of love and the world is cruel



science side of tumblr why do all of us mentally ill ppl like storms so much

@revelationed said:
Rain/moving water has negative ions which cause a biochemical reaction that reduces stress. It’s the same reason people feel more at peace on beaches or by waterfalls. We spend most of our lives surrounded by positive ions created by electronics and recirculated air. A study by Columbia University showed that negative ions can have the same affect as antidepressants.

thank u science side of tumblr


Hierarchy of Gays

Gay God: Neil Patrick Harris

Gay Jesus: Troye Sivan

Gay King: Thomas Sanders

Lesbian God: Ellen DeGeneres

Lesbian Jesus: Hayley Kiyoko

Lesbian Queen: Hannah Hart

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Empowering Heroes - Black Panther and Wonder Woman

What they do have in common:
Both T’Challa and Diana are the superheroic and political ambassadors of isolated secret nations where oppressed social groups thrive and make healthy societies that work on their own.
Themyscira and Wakanda are similar narrative devices to turn the tables on different real world inequalities, each focusing on gender or ethnicity (though BP does a GREAT job of representation with gender relationships and female empowerment).
As a tiny note, they both do the arms crossed sign and I felt the link between both was intentional.
And most important, they both are game changers in the entertainment industry, putting underrepresented demographies on leading roles in a genre that is all about empowerment, and proving that representation is needed and wanted.
They’re not equivalent, their fights are not the exact same, but they’re akin and I can totally imagine them as allies and supporting each other at the UN meetings.
Qué tienen en común:
Tanto T'Challa como Diana son embajadorxs políticx y superheroicxs de naciones secretas y aisladas donde grupos sociales oprimidos prosperan y generan sociedades saludables que funcional en sí mismas.
Themyscira y Wakanda son dispositivos narrativos similares que invierten las dinámicas de diferentes desigualdades del mundo real, enfocándose en género o etnia según el caso (aunque Black Panther también hace un GRAN trabajo de representación en relaciones de género y empoderamiento femenino).
Como detalle, ambos hacen el saludo de cruzar los brazos y sentí que el guiño era intencional.
Lo más importante, ambos son puntos de inflexión en en la industria del entretenimiento, colocando demografías poco representadas en roles protagónicos en un género que es sobre todo sobre empoderamiento, probando que esa representación es algo necesario y deseado.
No son equivalentes, sus causas no son exactamente las mismas, pero son afines y me los puedo imaginar como aliadxs y apoyándose mutuamente en las reuniones de la ONU.

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I don’t care what happens to the world, if I can save you.  

There is no other way. 

I’m sorry.

Instagram | society6 | digital prints 


this bread tiny


Looking for Something? (Mobile)


!!Note: For some reason, this list does not work on Apple devices, if anyone knows how to fix it, please message me it will help many people who could use these resources. Thank you -QueenSweeties






Drawing and Colouring:


For the Artist:






World Building:



May 21 2018

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Anushka Shetty and Prabhas in Baahubali: The Conclusion (2017)

This is everything

This is quintessential Battle Couple™ and I am 110% here for it.

While you were busy studying bow and arrow, I was also studying bow and arrow, love you babe

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